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A Road to a Healthier You!

Are you ready to finally get off the diet rollercoaster????

WELCOME to the EmpowerFitnessllc   6-WEEK NUTRITION PLAN!

 CONGRATULATIONS!   You have just completed the most difficult part of your journey: the decision to take charge of your health.   Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t need to be difficult.  In fact, it can be easy if you do it right – exercise regularly and eat a diet filled with healthy, delicious foods.


Over the course of your personal 6-week journey i am hoping that you learn that eating healthy not only tastes good but can be done from this point on for the rest of your life.  Whether your goals are to lose weight, feel and look better,  or you just want to learn the proper way to fuel your body by finally saying “good-bye” to counting calories, this challenge will give you the jump start you need.   This nutrition plan is grounded in the notion that meals should contain all sorts of foods – fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, grains, beans, etc.  The empower fitness nutrition plan takes the guess work out of your diet!  our step by step detailed menus and recipes are laid out in a comprehensive yet easy 3 meals, 1 snack format every day for six weeks!  Check out this sample nutrition plan to get a better look at the program!


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"This nutrition challenge was absolutely worth it!  I lost 14 pounds and 2 1/2 inches from my waist. 
I loved the food but even more I loved that the menu was planned out for me.  It was so easy to follow and I looked forward to each week!  All the recipes were delicious.  It become a family affair with my husband and two teenage sons loving it too!  This has become a lifestyle for me and I love it!"

Gina J.

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"This challenge has helped me on my journey in life to become healthy and fit.  It has taught me the right way to eat to lose weight, lose inches and feel great.  It is a lifetime plan which  I continue to use to this day!  I've said goodbye to fad diets and quick fixes.  I feel great and empowered".


Allison R

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