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  • Barre Fusion 1

    If you are new to ballet barre conditioning, this is the class for YOU!!!! It is an amazing non-impact, isometric workout done on a ballet bar that sculpts the ENTIRE body.  Exercises done will shape and redefine your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, arms, chest and the entire abdominal area.  This workout has been proven to tone the physique, burn fat, increase FLEXIBILITY and aid in the development of longer, leaner muscles.


    All Levels

    60 mins


    Monday  9:15am -10:15am



  • Barre Fusion

    A more advanced version of Barre Fusion I, this amazing isometric, non impact workout done on a ballet bar will also sculpt the entire body.  Exercises done will shape and redefine your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, arms, chest and the entire abdominal area.  Participants will also utilize resistance strength training to target all the muscles of the upper body.  This workout has been proven to tone the physique, burn fat,  increase FLEXIBILITY and aide in the development of longer, leaner muscles.

    All Levels

    45 mins


    Tuesday    6:15pm-7:20pm


    Thursday  9:15am-10:20am



    Friday       9:15am-10:20am


    Saturday  9:30am-10:35am


  • Non-Impact Tabata

    This workout is guaranteed to get those calories burning! It involves short, four minute bouts of exercise done for 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  A full-body, NON-IMPACT workout that is safe on joints and hard on muscles! We will work every major muscle in the body guaranteed to help sculpt and tone your whole physique.  Nicknamed a "Total Tabooty", we will have you looking and feeling your best


    All Levels

    60 mins


    Wednesday  9:15am-10:15am



    Sunday         10:00am-11:00am

  • F.I.T.

    Fitness Interval Training

    This workout involves brief bursts of moderate/high-intensity exercise alternated with
    low-intensity recovery periods. It is probably the most time-efficient method to exercise.  Exercises done will improve cardio capacity and strengthen and tone muscles


    All Levels

    45 mins


    Monday     10:30am-11:15am


    Thursday  6:45pm-7:30pm


    Friday       10:30am-11:15am


    Saturday  8:30am-9:15am

  • Mat Pilates


    Mat Pilates incorporates all the key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement and flexibility.


    Beginner/ Intermediate level

    60 mins


    Thursday   6:45pm-7:45pm

  • Core Fusion


     A core focused class that targets your entire abdominal and lower back area.  This class will feature traditional core exercises, yoga, and Pilates to strengthen, tone, and define your abdominal region.


    All levels

    65 mins


    Monday      6:45pm-7:30pm


    Tuesday    10:15am-10:55am

  • Yoga Flow


     "Yoga For Everyone"

    An alignment based mixed level yoga experience that will offer you an escape from your overly busy lives onto the personal sacred space of your mat.  Enjoy pranayama (yogic breathing) and seated meditation before moving into asana (postures).  Active and restful poses will be cued to help relieve tension and connect body mind and spirit.  Tune in to the subtle as we ground, flow, open and re-balance before completing the class with a deep restful  savasana.


    All Levels

    60 mins


    Wednesday    7:00pm-8:00pm

  • Total Body Sculpt

    This impactful 45-minute workout incorporates a combination of body bars, dumbbells and adjustable steppers.  Merging the benefits of strength training, circuit training, and low-impact cardio bursts, this workout will have you looking and feeling strong.


    All Levels

    45 mins


    Tuesday   9:15am-10:00am


  • Gentle Flow Yoga


    Open to ALL levels, students in this class will enjoy a well balanced practice. Sequences will be offered to promote stretching and strengthening as well as more restorative poses to calm the body and mind.


    All Levels

    60 mins


    Monday  10:30am-11:30am

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